After a week-long camp for participating players followed by placement contests, the finals of the annual International Junior Polo tournament rolls off tomorrow at the Kingston Polo Club, Caymanas Estates.

The 2013 tournament, sponsored by restaurant giant Burger King, will feature participants from Jamaica, United Kingdom, United States, Spain, Andorra, South Africa and Trinidad & Tobago.

Entry to tomorrow’s final is free of cost.

Polo is a team-based sport in which players, riding on horseback, score by hitting an object into the opponent’s goal using a hand-held mallet.

The junior polo players, aged 12 to 17, engaged in the camp geared at various techniques such as hand-mallet practice, riding and saddle exercises.

The team of experienced coaches includes international ladies’ player Lesley Masterton-Fong Yee and Argentinian professional player Jorge Donovan.

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